Ya gotta love a MILF who has a strippers pole in her bedroom.

Ya gotta love Jessi Lee, a 42-year-old wife, mom and exotic dancer from California who lives in Seattle. There’s nothing not to love about Jessi. She has big, fake tits with pointy nipples. Those nips could poke your eyes out! She’s a beautiful blonde with a tight body. And she certainly isn’t shy. In this, her first video, Jessi keeps up a steady stream of fuck talk while working that pole and working a big, red toy in and out of her tight pussy.

“How do you know it’s tight?” you might ask. “Did you fuck it?”

No, but a few of our porn studs did, and they said Jessi’s pink fuck box is very tight. But we didn’t need them to tell us. We could tell.

You see, when Jessi is fucking herself with that dildo, her pussy grips the toy and makes a perfect circle of cunt around it. It’s almost as if Jessi has a love doll’s pussy. Actually, we’re guessing her pussy is better than any love doll’s.

This is the final warmup for Jessi Lee before the real fucking and sucking begins tomorrow. It’s gonna be good.

“The experience has been really great,” she said. We asked her why she wanted to do this, and she said, “Just curiosity. I just wanted to explore and get my feet wet and have some fun. I love sex.”

Jessi’s fetish: “Sex in public.”

Her fantasy: “Sex in a plane or on a beach.”

Our fantasy: sex with Jessi Lee anywhere.


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